Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is There Anybody Out There?

Well, hello...

If anyone's still here after all this time, let me just say, thank you.

For my final post at this site, and on the heels of my penultimate final post fittingly titled "Of Resurrection", I am pleased to announce that the struggling scribe in me has begun another journey towards a film, and I am committing to publicly sharing that scintillating experience every agonizing inch of the way. 

Sound fun?

Sure it does. Think of it as a kind of reality t.v. of the mind. 


Okay, well come on over anyway and crawl up inside my nautilus shell-shaped brain that is right this moment working on a screenplay titled, A Nutshell of Infinite Space

That's right, from the same people who brought you, The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom comes another originally titled (so far) film about a young Québécois idealist who seeks out his literary idol, only to become the main character in the great writer's final work - engineering his own death. 

It's based on a true story. That could have happened. If some things had been different.

Least bit curious? Click here and follow the winding path toward my new film...