Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Blocked" on the Rock

A little irregular of me - posting in the middle of the week. But I happen to be a little irregular today. Creatively speaking, that is. The cramping is most definitely of the cranial sort, but it puts me out of sorts all the same. Thought I'd try and get things moving by pinching off a little blog. Oh! So sorry -

Here's what I really wanted to say:

It occurs to me that I'm lucky to have been born with bushy eyebrows. When I was growing up, the biggest aesthetic thorn in my side, the bane of my physical existence was my eyebrows. They were thicker and darker than a proper girl's eyebrows should be.  And they were forever threatening to join forces on the bridge of my nose at night while I slept. Every single day of my adolescence, I cursed those tenacious, virulent brows and took to them with tweezers - the only weapon I had that could keep them at bay.

Turns out, plucking eyebrows can be very meditative - once you build up a little resistance to the eye-watering pain. You even kind of feel you're accomplishing something. It's a lot like weeding.  

Now when I'm faced by that blinking, taunting cursor - I reach for the tweezers and pluck til I get carpal tunnel - and miraculously I still have lots of eyebrow left at the end of the day! It is thus that I have learned to appreciate, even love these prolific, invincible brows.  

Okay, that's all I wanted to say. I'm starting to feel much better.  A steady infusion of Rickie Lee Jones', Flying Cowboys is also working a little magic.

Thanks for letting me write!