Monday, October 12, 2009

Refresher Course

I'm feeling very thankful this Thanksgiving. In the run-up to making my first big film, I got to make a little movie. Meaning, I got to start finding my way back into the cinematic saddle, with the invaluable and generous help of friends, family and other folks with big hearts. 

It was a one-day shoot. Eight hours of filming for a one-minute piece featuring four locations for no money. So our living room became production central. 

I'm considering keeping the still life...

The film, titled, "Hussain Explained" is a portrait of one of our most prolific, multi-talented and arguably, misunderstood filmmakers here in Quebec, Karim Hussain.

My girl, Claudine shot it. 

Pierre was capturing sound. 

And Mireille was bringing out the natural beauty in our subject at Palomar's office - one of our locations, courtesy of Barbara. 

Martin and Laurent made everything run smoothly, while still managing to stay a little asleep. 

Spoiler alert: 

It's a happy ending!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave us what we needed - Francesca Chamberland (costumes), Mario Fortin and all the great people at Cinéma Beaubien (location and warmth), Philippe Athlan (wigs and wet dog noses), Maria and family (location), Barbara (location and connections), Andrew at Café Guerrero (tables and chairs). 

And special thanks to Richard Duquette, whose camera, editing and hands-on production presence helped make this possible from a to z.