Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knock, Knock...

I know I've been a little scarce these days... It's not because I have nothing to say - it's because there never seems to be enough time to say it!

I started this month of pre-production by saying that I would be dismounting from my regular weekly posts in favour of a more "lightning round" style of blogging... i.e. little blurts here and there.

Last time I "blurted", it was to let you know that Julia was in town for fittings and hanging outs and some script work. In the blink of an eye, she's back. For good this time! Because in five short days, we will be make-upped, costumed, decorated, crewed, lit and shooting our first scene on location.

Like my sound guy, Pierre Bertrand said, we're in the sling shot now - and the film is just about to let go!

I don't know how to begin to express the crazy range of emotions I'm experiencing as the first day of principal photography on my first feature film looms larger and larger on the horizon. As I picture us all being catapulted into the cosmos.

From wanting to shout from the rooftops to wanting to curl into a little ball might start to sum it up though I think.

It's a crazy, scary, thrilling, paralyzing, moving time. As Fellini famously said, "You start out thinking you're going to direct your movie, then you realize, your movie is directing you."

Having the strength to pull it all together is one thing, but knowing when it's okay to let it go is another...

...who's there?