Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Playoffs

We're heading into the finals! I know this not because our post-production calendar says so, not even because the film is getting tighter and better every day, but because my editor, Jeff Bergeron has stopped shaving entirely. Yes, sports fans, he's growing a full-on playoff beard! Et ça sent la coupe!

You've heard me speak highly of him. You've seen his name in this very blog. But you've never seen the man himself. The man who has laboured from morning to night in semi-obscurity from the beginning of this most sunny of summers to almost its end. Fuelled exclusively by coffee, cigarettes, banana milkshakes and a Guru or two, Jean-François (a.k.a. J-F, Jeff) Bergeron has forsaken a healthy skin tone to make magic for our film.

Because his painstaking efforts are so successful though, you won't even notice all his hard work when you watch the film! That's the Catch-22 of great editing: to be good, it must be invisible to the naked eye.

So, while his great work must necessarily stay hidden - his lair, his hair and his playoff beard shall not!

And, oh, ET Canada, in case you're reading this - the stories about J-F and the magpie having anything other than a strictly professional relationship are filthy rumours! The man just REALLY loves his work!