Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Multi-Tasking!

Something crazy seems to happen to the space-time continuum at this time of the year.

It seems to suddenly shrink. And curl up into itself. So that the days fly by in bundles of three and five instead of one at a time. Catapulting us all headlong, at warp speed, into D Day.

In other words, Christmas.

Don't know why this black hole in our calendar always catches me by surprise, but here it is looming in front of me again, and as usual, I'm behind on everything - including the blog...

So, in the spirit of the season, I'd like to update you on all that's happening to get the film out into the world by writing this post in the only dialect I'm using these days ...

To Do List:

- Consult on graphics and animation for the film's theatrical trailer, freshly edited by Arthur Tarnowski
- Attend auditions for voice-over actors playing the roles of Elizabeth and Annabelle in the French! version of the film, "Dolly Parton, ma mère et moi"
- Review proposal for film's website homepage! designed by "Cri"
- Lock down the number and "names" of pieces of score to be included in the soundtrack
- Review and approve the film's poster! with Métropole and Mongrel
- Find generous and/or hungry graphic designer for the soundtrack album cover, use poster art work as model
- Finalize album song line-up
- Secure all licences
- Mix selected score
- Master all tracks
- Drink wine

That last item is a floater - it can pretty much be inserted anywhere in the list. Like, for instance, right at the top.

Well, time's flying and I've got a lot to do, so... better start working my way down the list!