Friday, June 10, 2011

Post from the Peg!

Hi everybody!

This is Theresapedia (Associate Producer and social media butterfly), filling in for Tara today as she is currently in Winnipeg for the film's opening out there.

She sent me the following photos to 1) make me jealous and 2) so that I could post them here to share with y'all!

As an nearly-8-months pregnant person, I can confirm that pictures of cake are always a win for me. But even for all you non-knocked-up readers, these photos will make you drool because look! It's a The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom CUSTOM-MADE CAKE!

Is that amazing or what?

Thanks to the folks at Cake-ology, the cast-and-crew party last night had an extra dose of awesome. (Bonus: if you squint a little, you can also spot producers Barbara Shrier and Liz Jarvis in the background of this photo having lunch.)

This is the designer whose name I don't have (if you know her, send me an email at but look how cute she is!

**UPDATE: Pamela from Cake-ology let me know that this lovely lady is Samantha Repa, one of their talented cake decorators. Thanks Pamela, nice work Samantha!**

Super cool.

Were you at the screening in Winnipeg last night? At the party? Did you get to try this fabulous confection? Drop us a line on the Facebook page, I'm DYING to know how it tasted. No, seriously, I NEED TO KNOW.

The film opens at the Cinematheque tonight in Winnipeg and plays until June 12 and then again June 15-16.