Monday, March 19, 2012

Play List

I've cleaned my office.

And we all know what that means...! Not that I'm moving. Or that Spring is in the air. Or even that I am in the habit of cleaning my office every so often whether it needs it (badly) or not.... No, the fact that I have just cleaned my office means only one thing - that I am poised on the verge of the anticipation of actually sitting down and seriously attempting to finally write something new.

It's still very early in the process, however, so I'm not quite ready to come out of the closet and talk about the specifics of the project just yet. But I CAN divulge that I am right now, as we speak, very hard at work - composing lists.

Whenever I seriously sit down to attempt to actually write, the very first thing I put to proverbial paper (besides title ideas) ... is a bunch of lists. Lists of film, books, art and music that will in some ways evoke the tone, theme, or spirit of the project I'm about to embark on. I find it really effective to bathe myself in all kinds of seemingly disparate but somehow related material to stimulate and feed the creative process...

So just to prove that I'm not procrastinating (too much), here's a glimpse of one of those ever-growing lists...

- The Limey
- Motorcycle Diaries
- Naked Lunch
- Glengarry Glen Ross
- Midnight Cowboy
- Capturing Mary
- Adaptation
- Jacob's Ladder
- Rashomon

And on... and on... and, while I'm off doing this, and other equally stimulating "homework" for my next project, our first film is pretty much out in the world taking care of itself! Coming off 3 well-attended festival screenings in Sweden, "The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom" is next heading for a little fun and sun in Miami at the 2012 Women's International Film & Arts Festival at the end of this month!

And not long after that great event, we can all look forward to its THEATRICAL RELEASE across the pond in the U.K. and Ireland! What a great way to kick off summertime!