Monday, January 18, 2010

All 401 and 401 for All

Been there, done that. But this time, I saw a different side of Toronto...

In the on-going process of casting Elizabeth, we long-ago screened many self-tapes, did some call-backs in September and now we're finally following up on the short list of girls we selected for a second round of call-backs from that first round. 

I drove to Toronto to meet with them this weekend and in spending time with each one, got treated to a "girl's-eye-view" of some parts of the Big Smoke I would probably never have visited on my own.  

However, as every trip I've taken to Toronto throughout this filmmaking journey has resulted in some kind of loss - points on my license, my keys (temporarily), my newly acquired iPhone - I was of course braced to part company (involuntarily) with something again this time around. It's become part of the deal.  

But here I am now - back in Montreal and although I have not done a complete inventory - I do believe I came back with everything intact. The tides, dare I say, seemed to have turned.

Even before I got there, in fact, things "felt" different than usual. On my drive down the 401 on Friday, I spotted  wave after wave after wave of geese flying BACK north to Canada after wintering down south. Wait - but it's JANUARY! What's going on? Upside Down world.

Then when I flipped on the TV in my room that night, there was a woman standing on stage at the Broadcast Film Critics Association with an award in her hand - and she wasn't a movie star, or a presenter - she was a director. Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman ever to win for Best Film and Best Director in the history of Hollywood. 

Upside Down.

Okay, so maybe none of those are airtight signs for a complete reversal of fortune - and in fact the geese may quite possibly be harbingers of environmental catastrophe - but one way or another, it still feels to me like there's a slight shift in the wind...

P.S. Have you read Wednesday's post (below)? It was an exceptional mid-week edition.