Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog blah blah

This is one of those.

A touch-base, update...

No news from Will or Will's people yet.  Our electronic package has been getting to see a lot of beautiful downtown Beverly Hills though; passing from one agent's assistant's laptop to another - very scenic route, I'm sure.

Meantime, we're starting the casting in Montreal for some of our other key roles - Stella, for one. Ideally, we wanted to try and cast her AFTER we had our Marion as the two characters are intended to be "counterpoints" to one another, but seeing as the role of Marion could still be said to be waiting for its perfect fit, we have decided to move ahead on the other characters. We tell ourselves that by putting one thing in place, we are bound to create an avalanche of action on several other fronts. 

More than that though, what I'm really starting to believe is: There just comes a time when - above all the hoopla and blah, blah - that the film itself will finally tell you what it needs... . And you just have to be quiet enough - long enough - to listen.