Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post-Parton Party

Yes, it's come to that - paraphrasing my own self.

But what this title lacks in originality, it makes up for in accuracy. Because my dears, this post part is a pure, unadulterated blast! From the composition of the original MUSIC with the inspired and talented Luc Sicard, to the alchemy of choosing the best artists for original interpretations of Dolly tunes with Alex Cattaneo, to the re-recording of dialogue and "presences" with our eerily talented lead actors, Julia Stone and Macha Grenon - who were expertly guided by Benoît Leduc and Marcel Pothier, to the colour correction of Ms. Sauvé's stunning images with the soulful Nico Iliès, artist and gentleman - I feel like a kid in a craft-y candy shop!

I have to say - with no bias whatsoever - that all the artists and craftspeople who've worked and are still working on this film are the very BEST a girl could ask for!

In many ways, this part of the production is like a whole other shoot! But instead of the crew being all together on the set or in the production office, they're hidden away in their individual workshops - creating their own kind of quiet, but equally important magic.

It is so exciting to be finally seeing, and hearing, it all come together - all the layers of sound, music, movement, air, texture, colour, light and shadow that finish bringing the film to vivid life - and its final destination - a cinema near you.

p.s. Check out some of Sue's photos of the ADR experience on our Facebook Fan page and see little Julia all growed-up!