Monday, October 11, 2010

K-Tel, Eat Your Heart Out!

So much is happening on the music front, I'm all out of breath and feeling flushed! In the very best possible way....

While my talented composer Luc Sicard continues creating beautiful, original cuts for the film's soundtrack at a superhuman pace, much behind-the-scenes arranging and deal-making has been going on in preparation for the recording of some select Dolly songs by some very special guest artists.

This other, equally important prong of our soundtrack - the actual line-up of Dolly's music - has required a veritable army of people and good will to pull off. It all began (and couldn't have gone anywhere without) the original generous offer from Dolly Parton herself to help us acquire the publishing rights to her songs.

Although Dolly had made this amazing offer to me in a personal letter, that was way back at the script stage and almost two years later, we were very careful not to take anything for granted.

But when we finished the picture edit and our final musical wish list was sent out, Dolly and her people at Velvet Apple came through big time, granting us the publishing rights to nine of Dolly's greatest hits for - well, a song. On the shiny list are, the inimitable, "Jolene", "I Will Always Love You" and "Love is Like a Butterfly"!!!

The ultimate plan for the film has always been to feature some of Dolly's original recordings as well as her compositions re-imagined by our brilliant producer/arranger, Alex Cattaneo and a hand-picked roster of guest artists.

So now, I have the absolute pleasure of saying here that, thanks to the efforts of so many generous people, we have just confirmed my DREAM line-up for the guest artists!

Check this out...

The official soundtrack for "The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom" will feature:

Miss Dolly Parton herself!

along with ...

Nelly Furtado!

Martha Wainwright!

Wailin' Jennys!

Coral Egan!

and Franco-Manitoban (now Québécoise) up-and-comer...

Geneviève Toupin!

Alex and Luc have recruited some of this city's - this country's - best musicians to record the songs. We'll be in studio on the 14th and then again on the 21st to lay down tracks and in some cases capture the vocals live off the floor for what we're calling our Dolly "remakes". Stay tuned here and on the Facebook fan page for more stuff!