Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Melancholy Mix Mania

It's Final Playback Eve here in Studio E and so it appears we are really, truly nearing the very end of our run....

"Mix"ed emotions abound.

We just placed the last of our Dolly remake tunes over the final credits (if there was a Juno/Genie combo award for best end credits, I would say we'd be a serious contender! Nelly and Geneviève have done a fantastic job taking us out of our film but making us want to stay in our seats to read all the credits of all the folks who worked so hard making this picture).

Even though the "crafty" part is coming to an end though, there's more film fun to come. Soon we'll be submitting the finished film to festivals and start planning for the Canada-wide theatrical release and who knows - maybe doing some promo junkets.

Road trip anyone?