Monday, May 18, 2009

A Late Spring Break

If I were on "Arrested Development" (a criminally underrated and prematurely defunct TV show) right now, I'd be screaming, "Spring Break! WAAAAOOOH!" while lifting up my top and flashing my Dolly Partons for the world to see.

Fear not - it's a very temporary insanity, but with the two landmark pitches now behind me, the May "two-four" weekend in full swing, I feel like a co-ed just finishing Final Exams. I have a touch of Spring Break Fever this weekend and I'm l-l-l-loving it...!

Tomorrow marks the first day of the rest of the film's life, and I will be back here then to properly launch it, but for now, for this brief moment, let's all just enjoy the sweet satisfaction of making it this far - no matter where "this" is, no matter how much more there is to go - we made it HERE!  And to that, I only have one thing to say: