Monday, May 25, 2009

In the Dark

So, there may or may not be some A-lister out there who is serious about being a part of this project.  I still don't know for sure.  Not that I haven't been trying hard to find out...

Last week, I gave the anonymous gift I received to a local Dolly afficionado. Monsieur P. is Dolly Parton's kindred spirit trapped in a furry, French-Canadian body. Not only does he worship her unique style and sensibility but he has an impressive collection of Dolly memorabilia of his own.  

After some close inspection and research, Monsieur P. pronounced that the gift in question LOOKS very much like one of the exclusive outfits Dolly Parton used to wear onstage in the 70's. But sadly he has no way to tell if it actually is the real deal.  

He added that while he can't give me a certificate of authenticity or anything, he would be more than happy to give the outfit a good home for now... That I could come visit anytime I wanted...

As far as actually reaching this ostensibly high-powered, hiding person who sent the package in the first place, I have sent a cautious reply to the email address I was given, but still have not had any news back. Not a peep. It's been three days. Okay, it is a long weekend down there, but still...!

Anyway, I'm left pacing around, wondering what to do next.  We're all reticent to blindly send the screenplay out into the vacuum of cyberspace - with no real way to follow it up. But at the same time, am I thumbing my nose at some incredible good fortune if I don't? 

Please, if you ARE the person who's contacted me with this mysterious package and proposal, please understand that I'm not being unresponsive or ungrateful or disrespectful, but I would just like a little more to go on before I leap...  A hint? A clue? Hell, I'll even settle for a message through the Ouija...!