Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Afloat

Even though all the incredible news still has not entirely sunk in and all the celebrating still has not entirely worn off - we have now got to get down to the business of making this movie!

Barbara and I are meeting today to work out The Plan. Liz Jarvis (our co-production partner at Buffalo Gal) will be joining us on the phone to strategize.  Virginie Leger, our production manager, will come in and give us some $ reality checks. We need to determine if we can, and want to, shoot this like, right now. Or if we can, and want to, give ourselves some more lead-in time (casting, casting, casting) and look at shooting next spring... Much to discuss and determine... I'll be keeping you up to date as we get this all in place.  It gets a lot more INTENSE from hereon in!!!