Monday, June 1, 2009

Jury Bait

With the knowledge that the Telefilm jury is meeting tomorrow to start their deliberations, I am in last-minute scramble mode: seeing if I can't come up with something solid to feed them, especially in the way of casting, before they start their comparative analysis of all the projects now before them. Knowing too that there's very little film funding money to go around these days, and only a fraction of that for English projects in Quebec, the compulsion to "make as much noise as possible" around this project is strong.

Which is why this anonymous A-lister's SILENCE is so frustrating.

"Ko and Co" wrote in the comments section last week that this kind of thing is rarely genuine - voicing an understandable cynicism about that which looks too good to be true...  But on the other hand, Ko and Co also suggested I respond to the unidentified Inquirer by being coy - by teasing him (is it a him?) with just enough information on the project to heighten curiosity and coax him out of hiding. 

In fact, in this latest episode of getting my Hollywood hopes up and then having them left hanging, I think I've done everything advisable to re-engage this person while still protecting myself ... Because, even though I do believe that these kind of fairy tales CAN come true, I've also watched enough Roadrunner cartoons in my day to know there could be a catch. So I have proceeded with the best combination of prudence and promotion, good faith and vigilance that I can manage. 

As of this blogging however, I still haven't got a "traceable" bite on my bait. On the other hand, there's no anvil-shaped shadow growing larger on the sidewalk beside me... so, something good may still come of this!

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking... and the jury is assembling... By next Monday, I will know their decision. And you will be the very next to know.