Monday, June 15, 2009

Tender Hooks

I feel ridiculous saying this again. But there's still no funding news.  We were all holding our breath last Friday. Right up to 5:01 pm - when, if you happened to be on a terrace anywhere in the city, you may have felt a forceful and gassy gale of filmmaker exhale. Because we all know that the usual M.O. of the institutions is to send news (by email or fax) to expectant producers right at closing time, just before the weekend. And that, so there'll be noone for traumatized filmmakers to call and vent to in the heat of a devastating moment. Or, at least that's the prevailing theory...

We did however receive word (around 5:43 pm) from someone at Telefilm that a final decision still had not been made, that they knew they were keeping us all hanging, but they needed more time. I thought that was pretty cool - you could tell they were feeling our pain. 

So, while I've learned there's no way to predict for sure, we can reasonably assume that news will be coming down the pipe sometime this week. Whether or not the Friday at 5 rule will still apply remains to be seen.  

Until then, I - WE - all remain on tenterhooks - or, more accurately, the tender hooks of Telefilm.... Just trying not to wiggle around too much.