Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's/Family/Louis Riel Day

Although last Monday was our official deadline on Will's offer, the deadline came and went and there was no news at all and then there was "all hope is lost" kind of news and then there was, no wait, no news doesn't necessarily mean no and then there was - no news. And then there was President's Day.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring...?

Worse than no news, there was also some sad news last week - yours truly got her computer stolen. Nice. I'm still a little discombobulated and generally out of sorts with the kind of world that actually invents a device discreet and sensitive enough to detect the presence of a laptop in some random dark and locked car.

Apparently, all thieves have to do is walk through a parking lot with this thing and they can get an exact read on whether there's a computer in any given vehicle and where exactly it is hidden. Then it's one quick smack of something (probably the same device that detects the computer in the first place - sort of a multi-purpose, Slap Chop kind of thing) to break the window and presto -

Pure chaos.

At least that's how it feels for the first while after it happens. But order is slowly being restored now and all my energy and attention is back on making the movie - as well as a few new memories (that you can be sure I'll be backing up)!