Monday, March 15, 2010

Posting Pics from the Peg


As I said on the Facebook Fan Page:

"I am just now starting to realize that this is actually really happening! Walking in to a production office all up and running just because I had an idea over coffee in my kitchen about 5 years ago was a pretty effective way to bring it all home to me today, though! The thought, "What have I done?" briefly crossed my mind.

But then it went away. And left an overwhelming sense of wonder. Which was then quickly replaced by a feeling that I was catching on fire..."

We returned yesterday from our intense and oh-so fruitful scout of Winnipeg and outlying areas only to walk in to our brand new, very own production office - created solely for the purposes of making this movie. And let me tell you, the whole thing is a major rush!

Speaking of rushes though - now that it's almost midnight here in Montreal, we are four weeks less a day out from our first day of principal photography. Untold amounts of big, medium and small things to do and think about and lock down between now and then. And they're all important.

So I'll be changing things up a bit here from now on - instead of keeping to my regularly scheduled weekly posts, I'll be flash blogging! Basically just spitting out pieces of news how, when and where I can.

For tonight, let me introduce you to a few of the places and people we were lucky enough to see and spend time with these last few days in Winnipeg... (pictures below). A big shout-out to Manchester Mike (our fearless, resourceful Locations Manager), Larry La Art Director (and a shrewd problem-solver) Wanda-ful (our production manager out Manitoba way), Marlow (the man so mysterious even his wife calls him by his last name), Martin Ellis (2nd Assistant Director who moonlighted to scout a lot of our locations together for us at a distance - Quit your day job, Martin! Come play with us!) Jim Heber Master Caster, Joe and Monique running the office and of course, our Buffalo Gal producer, Liz (Loves Her Art) Jarvis. WE WOULD BE LOST IN THE PRAIRIES WITHOUT YOU!!!

With all the crazy fog every single day we were there, we were almost lost in the prairies WITH you!

One big happy, full family...

And of course, the Manitoba mammothness in the dessert department continues...

Stay tuned for more of our adventures on (and off) the road!