Monday, March 9, 2009

Congratulations, It's a Mongrel!

Biggest news since Dolly Parton herself wrote to tell me that she would be proud to participate in my film....


Not just any distributor either, but MONGREL MEDIA thank you very much. Arguably one of this country's most discerning and daring distributors, Mongrel has been the champion behind some of the brightest lights in Canadian and international cinema since Hussain Amarshi founded the company in 1994. 
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Those of you who've already traveled down the Telefilm path, or have been following me on my own tangled journey there, know that a Canadian distributor is an essential requirement for production funding. And I for one, could not be more thrilled that it's Mongrel we're going in with! 

Plus, it seems very fitting that the distribution company which takes its name from the Salman Rushdie quote, "A love song to our mongrel selves" would get behind this tender little story about a bastard of sorts. 

So, to Hussain Amarshi, Caroline Habib, Tom Alexander and the rest of the Mongrel gang, let me just say : Thank you for including our nascent star in your constellation. May we all shine a little bit brighter because of it.