Wednesday, March 25, 2009

T Minus 2

Well, fancy meeting you here!  Hey T - Glad you liked the flowers! Seeing you and Barbara at the office the other day - churning out all those forms and documents, burning the candle at both ends - made me feel incredibly grateful but also a little helpless. I had this sudden urge to go and make a hearty casserole, give massages - do something more to help fuel and comfort the production machine. But the race is still on and time short for all of us, so I settled for sending you the flowers I wanted to send at the end. It's not much, and you can't eat them, but I thought they'd add a splash of colour to all the black and white of looming deadlines. 

And speaking of which, T Minus 2 has bled into T Minus 1. Today is it. The eve of Deposit Day. Will Arnett's proposal package has gone out to his management. We won't hear anything before the project's submitted to Telefilm and SODEC of course, but at least it's out there and will hopefully be seen and loved by Will himself somewhere down the road.  I've put the casting thesis, the "About Elizabeth" document and the "Director's Notes" through another rewrite and hope that they're in submission shape by the end of today.

So far, missiles are all locked on target! T Minus 1.