Tuesday, March 17, 2009

T Minus 9

Started the day with high octane cocktail of compressed, finely ground espresso beans and moistly heated milk.

Did a set of one squat in front of the computer and rested on my chair.  Started laps around the script. After a while, went to check emails and had a message from Pierre Marchand, the producer/composer best known for his work with Sarah McLachlan - not to mention Rufus Wainwright and Daniel Lanois. From India, where he's on a four-month hiatus, Pierre read the script and wrote: "I like it." then subsequently declared himself a "very interested composer" (based on availability).  

Then he asked his management to send me a C.V. for our Telefilm application. I got it this afternoon. Now have the CV's of three out of the five key creative crew. Check, check and check.

Got a call from an art director I was supposed to meet.  He's working, needs to push the meeting until Thursday.   I do appreciate that the good people are the ones who are usually too busy to meet about other jobs...  And on the up side, this also gives me more time to work on the script.

Before I went back to that, though, I did some reps on the Character Descriptions - tweaked Marion and Phil, started Elizabeth and haven't yet got to Dolly.

It may seem odd to some, but here in Quebec (which is, after all, now my home province and where I'm requesting production funding) Dolly Parton is not a household name.  So in order to make our application as complete and "universal" as possible, I have to produce a document that introduces the uninitiated to Dolly Parton. And then go on to connect the dots between her personae and my story. This document may write itself, but then again, it may be as delicate a procedure as the script itself... Yikes.

Got all my templates ready to receive the Four Family Trees.  My Elizabeth is the same in all four potential casting scenarios. Note to self: ask Theresapedia to post the photo of our "Elizabeth in a toque" so she can live in other imaginations.  

So, have now completed the most recent pass on the screenplay.  Am sending it to Barbara for review after this posting. As planned, am calling this the "Final Version". But stay tuned for an inevitable sequel...


Goals for T Minus 8 - Wednesday

Start writing Elizabeth's character description.

Begin "About Dolly" document.

Place selected cast photos and bios into the four family tree documents.

Address whatever notes come back from Barbara on "Final Version" to hopefully send out to our potential Prairie Partners (to be announced any day), a potential French pay TV programmer and Hussain Amarshi, our distributor.

Start enhancing the Musical portion of Director's Notes document to reflect the potential participation of Pierre Marchand (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Marchand)

And then stretch.