Monday, March 23, 2009

T Minus 4

Everyone's a Bastard.

In the last three days before the Big One - Deposit Day - I want to invite everyone to be a Bastard. As a show of solidarity for our Mongrel-backed film project about a young girl whose search for identity leads her to the knowledge that Bastards are Beautiful, let everyone be a beautiful Bastard for the next three days...

I know I will be.

There's still Will Arnett's letter to finish - sending his package out today so that's priority! Got it closer to what sounds right yesterday. Still needs tweaking according to Barbara.

There's "About Elizabeth" - a nicely developing work in progress. There's the "Casting Philosophy" - I made a small thesis out of it. Up for discussion as to whether it's even going to make it into the final package now.

Finally, there's the all-important, uber-document: "Director's Notes" which has recently undergone Barbara's careful scrutiny.  Will find out today what adjustments need to be made. Waiting for the art director's input to see what can be incorporated in the section on production design. And the frame that Andrew the illustrator has come up with - should see that sometime today - or latest tomorrow. 

But all in all, we're getting there. We're in the home stretch now... T Minus 3

Go Bastards Go!!!!