Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T Minus 8

Same high-performance cocktail for breakfast today, but then got all jammed up with creating the casting scenarios. It was like being in a genetic engineering lab, like creating strings of DNA - the combinations and permutations are infinite. Between what Telefilm requires in the way of casting, what the Quebec requirements are to be eligible for SODEC money, what would be ideal and what would be remotely realistic - there still lies a surprisingly deep pool of possibilities.

Since we've settled on presenting a minimal number of possible casting "scenarios" to the juries at both Telefilm and SODEC, I have now got to whittle down my 18 possible couplings of actors to like, four.

Meanwhile, I chipped away at the Character Descriptions.  Have Marion and Phil where I want them. But need to take a good running start at Elizabeth. 

Compiled some research for the About Dolly document. And except for one missing picture of a theatre, I have Ruby/Elizabeth's travelogue completed. No word yet from Barbara on whether there's much to touch on the "Final Version" from last night.

Here's some of what's on the slate for:

Thursday, T Minus 7

Complete the Director's Notes document - particular attention to Visual and Musical Approach

Write an introduction for Casting Scenarios and eliminate 14 of those scenarios

Write an introduction for Magpie Symbolism document

Continue About Dolly document

Meet art director originally scheduled for T Minus 9

Try and attend sound and image studio DAZMO/MTL Video's demo cocktail to check out, among other things the camera my d.o.p. has convinced me might be the best for our project : The RED