Monday, March 30, 2009

Vive le cinéma!

This weekend, something historic happened in cinema.  

Although it happened locally, I hesitate to add any kind of qualifier like, " Quebec cinema", because I believe what happened last night made history not only in Quebec, Canadian and North American cinema, but possibly even in all of Western Hemisphere cinema. Hell,  it could very well be a first for the whole World of cinema! 

Last night, on the Jutras (Quebec's Academy Awards), the winner in the prestigious and traditionally patriarchal category of Best Director was - a woman! Congratulations, Lyne Charlebois - you're like our Obama of cinema...! May this be the beginning of a healthy and growing trend.

In keeping with the whole cinematic, celebratory theme of this weekend, I went to the movies and feasted on some homegrown, some "indie" and some animation. Dédé à travers les brûmes, Sunshine Cleaning, and Coraline - made for a tasty film buffet. Washed it all down with some bubbly with my boys. Even though sisters are doin it for themselves, it's always more fun to share.