Saturday, March 21, 2009

T Minus 6

The timeline's a bit skewed because I'm writing this on the morning of T Minus 5. Didn't lose a day or anything - worked my finger prints off yesterday, but did it from bed with what may or may not be sinusitis. Just had no juice left last night for blogging.

At any rate, T Minus 6 saw mostly ends tying up slowly but surely.  We're closing in on finalizing most of the important paperwork and refining the creative philosophies and work flows...  

Briefed our intended art director (currently suffering for his "art" in New York City!) on my approach to production design. He's going to put together some reference images and maybe even throw me a few idea bones of his own.  Also, called up a great illustrator in Vancouver and asked if he would consider doing me a solid. So, while JF is gathering images and inspiration in New York City, Andrew's going to try and illustrate one of the shots I've imagined in the film from his rain-soaked studio in Vancouver - all in an attempt to give an extra, intimate glimpse into Elizabeth's world. And just maybe put the cherry on the sundae for people on the juries - crystallizing in their minds what this film might look and feel like.  It's a long shot, but you never know...

It is starting to feel like we're in the narrowing part of a funnel right now though - all the seemingly random ingredients that we've been sporadically pouring into this project for years, is now getting increasingly concentrated and flowing down, well-ordered, into the vessel labeled "Production". 

Tomorrow (which is today) T Minus 5

Writing my introduction letter to Mr. Will Arnett - for those of you who don't know this irresistibly funny, smart, irreverent actor - please, I beg of you, if you don't watch anything else on You Tube today - watch Will on any Arrested Development excerpt. You'll never want it to end....

Writing the About Elizabeth document, dammit!

Writing that elusive thing called "Casting Philosophy" - with Barbara's help I hope to nail that "lucid yet idealistic yet realistic take on the contradictory, absurd and probably unrealistic expectations everyone has. A tad humouristic, sans sarcasm." Indeed.

Wish me luck!