Tuesday, March 24, 2009

T Minus3

Walked into the production office yesterday and had the feeling I'd walked into a college dorm right around final exams. Barbara was at the eye of a hurricaine of papers, running on caffeine and adrenaline only. Theresapedia was well-fuelled but changing into orthopedic shoes to prepare for the marathon of photocopying coming up.  

It was the first time the three of us had actually been in the same room this whole whirlywind week.  We all stood around and looked at each other with half-crazed eyes for a few minutes and then with few words, went back to doing what it is we all need to do to get this Bastard done.

We are getting there though.  Only two days left and still some chunks missing, but the most important things are there, or are coming in.  And even though Barbara's had to make a few last-minute saves on some things that were headed south, one way or another it looks like we're going to be submitting our project for production funding. On deadline.

T Minus 2... The Finish Line's in View!