Thursday, March 19, 2009

T Minus 7

Crazy day - spent the first part of it blitzing on my Director's Notes - bringing the visual as well as the musical approach more in line with how I see the project now...  At this stage in the game, I've actually come to believe that the development process takes the time it inevitably takes (i.e. lots), partly to allow everything the time it needs to mature - including the filmmaker.

The second part of the day was taken up in large part by a long-awaited meeting with an art director who had to reschedule me earlier this week - due to being very much in demand. More on how that went in a day or two...

The third part of the day brought some potentially exciting news - our casting director Andrea Kenyon has made the all-important first contact with the management of my "dream Phil", Will Arnett.  Granted, this is only an initial contact, but his management has requested that a "package" be sent to them. Halleluiah! it feels so good!  Way to go, Andrea!

The fourth part of the day was dominated by digital technology.  Holy Raw Data, Batman!  It's like, a whole new century or something.  There's an embarrassment of riches coming down the pike. And while there's no comparing digital images to those captured on film, the fact remains that the world is moving more and more in that direction.  And as one of the camera "geeks" (and I use the term respectfully) said: "When it comes down to it, it's about getting the story out there. Period.

On the subject of cameras - as intended, I had a chance to get a little more informed on the Red.  It's a digital camera (beyond HD quality) with which my DOP is currently shooting a feature film and so far, she has only great things to say about it. I've come away from this "informational social" with some very strong arguments in favour of the D 21 however.  Without going into any detail, the most important differences between the two seem to spring from the fact that the Red was designed by the Oakley sunglass magnate and hip whiz kids and the Arri D21 was designed by cameramen with film backgrounds.

I made no definitive judgments at all, but I definitely saw and heard enough tonight to believe that there's more than one interesting alternative out there in the digital domain - especially if you're still a film freak at heart.

Now, to T Minus 6.

Only time will tell how that's going to go...